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About me


As a company, we have a mission to help you become the best version of yourself.  We are focused on creating the body you have always wanted and setting up an attitude of success. 


Our top-class team includes Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Sport Psychologist, Biomechanist and Tennis Coaches. We improve your body through specialised and tailored training programs ranging from mums through seniors to world class Red Bull athletes. No matter what you do and what are your goals, our team adjusts to your specific requirements and busy lifestyle. 


Thanks to Shapeof-U, dozens of people have achieved attractive, strong and vigorous bodies.

Available in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington.



I pierced through the club, city, state and finally national rankings. I won a few dozen medals and trophies and gained titles in all ages category. I also tried to prove my abilities on the international arena.



I aim to release the maximum of each player's potential in natural and scientific way. I am in constant pursuit to inspire you to understand and discover beauty of tennis. 



I am focused on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. I strongly believe that optimum health requires the mind, physical body and spirit to be in balance.  I want to inspire you to take charge of your own health joyously, mindfully, and naturally!


Have you ever doubted in creating the life you have ever wanted?


When I was 6 years old my dad took me to the tennis court and there my journey has started. For the first three years I played 3-4 times a week and I had physical preparation once or twice a week. At the age of 11 I was training twice a day, almost everyday. My club was 50 mins away from my home so it was very time-consuming. I had to combine trainings, tournaments and school. I did not have time or energy to meet friends after school, going to parties or on school trips like most of my friends did. Also, my father became a type of a crazy tennis parent” - he did not miss my trainings, he got stressed before my every tournament and he talked about my tennis every moment. To cut the long story short, my life has started spinning only around tennis.




Monday to Friday:

4:40am - wake up

6am-7am physical preparation and mindful session

7am-9am tennis training

10am-2:15pm school

3:30pm-5pm tennis training

6pm-8pm school homework

9pm - stretching, training notes and sleeping


10am-12pm tennis training, sparring matches

1pm - return home

3pm-5pm - rewriting notes from missed hours at school

5:30 - free time but too tired to go out


Studying, stretching, sleeping

Every few weeks

Tournaments and more missed days at school so studying during the trips

Finally holidays

Which means making the most of this time for tennis and tournaments. Constantly struggling to go on holidays with friends as the tennis schedule is crazy.




I was working really hard and put all my heart into it. Each training done at 100% and every step forward gave me enormous satisfaction. I subordinated my life to tennis and I don’t regret it. Moreover, I am proud of this. I am proud and grateful that my life is full of passion and not just survival.


I pierced through the club, city, state and finally national rankings. I have won a few dozen medals and trophies and gained titles in all age categories. I also tried to prove my abilities on the international arena. Unfortunately, at the same time, my life beyond the court began to turn upside down. My life and dreams to which I then devoted began to collapse.

At the beginning my family lost their business. We started having serious financial problems. Things that seemed obvious, such as money for transport, food or electricity have ceased to be obvious. Naturally we also lacked money for my trainings and tournaments. My parents did everything to help me continue my tennis journey. Also my club supported me by giving me free access to the tennis courts, fitness areas, and supporting my tournaments.


Unfortunately, it was just the beginning of my life turn over. People who seemed to be our friends, who wanted to help my family turned out to be people who lived out of someone else’s misfortune and got rich by intimidating them. This led us to loosing literally everything. Moreover, we fell into huge debts.


My life changed dramatically. I lost everything I thought was the most important in my life. I stopped playing tennis. My mom left home to work abroad. Part of my family fell into depression which made the situation even worse. I was taking care of my two little brothers. We lacked money. The electricity was often shut down, most of winter there was no hot water, heating broke down and we often needed to borrow money for food.


It was the hardest time of my life. I felt alone and I was loosing hope for better future. Concurrently, it was the time when lessons learned from tennis allowed me overcome that run of misfortune. I knew that I needed to take care of my body to feel strong and powerful. I learned that its not supposed to be easy physically or mentally. I learned how to lose, how to accept this and appreciate this. I learned how to create my vision and control my attitude. I learned how to work hard, be patient and be grateful.


I’ve decided to fight. I’ve decided to fight to keep my family together, to create home full of love especially for my brothers and fight to win my own future. I kept the vision of my happy family in front of my eyes all the time. I was meditating few times a day, every day. I was writing gratefulness notes every morning and evening. I was taking care of my body through exercising, walking, whatever was possible. I was nourishing my body in the best way which was possible at that time. I was smiling and treated it as mandatory. I was expressing my love and gratitude everyday. And I did it.


My family stayed together, stood back on their feet and began to smile again. Our life has become happier and more satisfactory. I became more powerful, happier and stronger than I had ever been before.


Now I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. I know that you are not stuck where you are. I know that you have the power to change your life. And I know that your success is hidden in your daily routine. I strongly believe that, no matter what you do and who you are, you deserve the body that will support your life goals. With positive and successful attitude, you will release your maximum potential and live the life you have ever wanted.


My main mission is to help you achieve that. Give you hope and motivate you. Help you feel addictively strong, powerful and attractive. Inspire you to live with passion and to discover the beauty of tennis. Help you live fully in your own skin and at the present moment.

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